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When giant spiders begin preying on Seattle, it's up to Max alone to stop the danger posed by a demented mutant because spiders happen to be Norman's only fear.

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original title: Along Came Arachnoid

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Horror,Thriller



duration: 30min




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When giant spiders begin preying on Seattle, it's up to Max alone to stop the danger posed by a demented mutant because spiders happen to be Norman's only fear. This episode, which to be fair is an entertaining and good enough story that has the most of the usual charm, action, scary monsters and great one-liners and everything, but it was never one of my favourites of the series, precisely because when I was a kid, the Doom Zone "Mighty Max Trapped By Arachnoid" was my absolute favourite out of that particular line of the toys. It was so awesome, it was shaped like a big juicy black widow spider with a purple brain on its back, and I found this episode to be a massive letdown when I first saw it, because I really thought they would have made one of the most awesome stories out of the whole gross idea and theme of the play-set, but no! They really "dropped the ball", as they say with this one. None of the giant spiders that appear are very interesting or scary. They're all very well animated and you get the immensity of them, but they're not creepy! They don't have that all-important fun vital 'ick' factor that all monster spiders should, you know what I'm 'sayin? And the villain, oh goddamn it, the villain is so freaking irritating! His voice just becomes increasingly scratchier and more high-pitched as the episode goes on! I couldn't really tell if Rene Auberjonois did all the voice-work himself without any electronic enhancement, but if he did well done! And I also really disliked Dr Kirby's/Arachnoid's character design, I thought it was very weak and average. I suppose it was an interesting approach to have the character starting out somewhat human and becoming more like a humanoid spider as it went on, but he looked so lame! The Doom Zone version of the character was this really cool-looking four-armed purple dude with green buggy eyes! I loved that miniature figurine so much that I had to re-buy the toy several times because I kept losing it! But they just went in a whole other direction than that, that's for sure. I mean it is an interesting change to see the normally dauntless Norman scared to death of something, and to come up against the deadly blue mammoth spider that - Spoiler Alert!!! he is destined to be slayed by in the final episode. I like how in the story that even though Norman is afraid, he still manages to overcome it enough to save Max, such is the sign of true bravery, when you do what you have to do in spite of fear. I love the comical sequence where Norman freaks out over a tiny spider that lands on him and jumps through the roof and into the home of a poor old couple watching TV and then Max and Virgil follow after him as he busts through their front door - quite an unexpected thing to see in your living room! I find it so hilarious when Max mimics Virgil's accent! I also like it when Virgil says the British idiom of "et" instead of "ate." And it's so cute how Virgil sends Max his summons by spelling out the directions in the anchovies on a pizza! And the animation of the explosion when the annoying Dr.Kirby is blown up along with his lab building is very impressive, they were always so great at that. Did anyone get the Spiderman reference? Stan Lee and Jack Kirby - Stanley Kirby? Okay, and um..hey, I would like to just thank you so much for stopping to read my little ramblings here today, see ya, y'all come back now, y'hear!


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An action packed chase led by Hal and Ashley to save the people on this small island from a strange electrical storm which is led by angry souls from a mass suicide looking for revenge.

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original title: Ghost Storm

genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi



duration: 1h 30min



keywords: motherdaughterrelationship, mist, meteorologist, tomb, cemetery, electricity, ghost

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An action packed chase led by Hal and Ashley to save the people on this small island from a strange electrical storm which is led by angry souls from a mass suicide looking for revenge. Most SyFy channel movies, with a few exceptions, range from lame to trash. Ghost Storm is one of their movies that isn't too lame and it is certainly isn't trash. It could have been much better sure, for such a good concept it was somewhat of a missed opportunity, but for a SyFy Channel movie it's tolerable. The scenery and lighting are quite creepy, and the editing and special effects actually show time and effort. The opening in the graveyard and the house ambush were also atmospherically effective, and the acting by all is quite good especially the two leads(Crystal Allen the slightly stronger of the two), who also share a sweet chemistry. Apart from a few scenes though, Ghost Storm is lacking in thrills and scares, the pace was too draggy for it to be thrilling and the scares were more predictable than they were shocking. The story has some good ideas and has its moments but can come across as too silly and formulaic with some scenes and strands that are introduced and touched upon but not developed enough. The script is also rather underwritten and can lack flow as well as too much of the cheese factor, thankfully though it is actually nowhere near as bad as most SyFy channel movie scripts(most of the time the script is one of the worst things about them). The ghosts look good and are not entirely personality-less, just that their personalities could have been even stronger, we know they're angry and such but not much else. Overall, not a bad film but could have done more with the ideas they had. 5/10 Bethany Cox Ghost Storm (2011)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Former couple Ashley (Crystal Allen) and Hal (Carlos Bernard) must fight a mysterious storm that is killing people on their small island. This isn't your typical storm because this one is built upon the spirits of a group of people who killed themselves years earlier and now they've come back for revenge. GHOST STORM has some good stuff scattered throughout it but in the end its just way too serious to be taken serious and it's certainly never scary. Writer-director Paul Ziller has a couple interesting ideas floating around here including how evil can build itself up in something like a storm but for me it just never really added up to anything memorable. I found way too many moments to be rather silly and especially the scenes where the spirits would have their images show up on people's cell phones. I'm sorry but this was just a bit too much for me. I also didn't know why the film was pretty much blood free during the first half only to then turn on the gore during the second half. I did think the performances were actually pretty good and this is especially true for the two leads. I thought Allen and Bernard had some really good chemistry together and they really came across like a real couple. The supporting players were also good in their roles. I'll also give credit to the special effects, which were much better than you'd normally see in a film like this. Still, GHOST STORM is just way too silly for it to really work and the lack of scares is just a death nail.


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A small-time crime boss kills a drug dealer without realizing that the drug dealer works for the biggest crime boss in the country.

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original title: Wrong Turn at Tahoe

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller


imdb: 4.5

duration: 1h 31min


budget: $6,000,000

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A small-time crime boss kills a drug dealer without realizing that the drug dealer works for the biggest crime boss in the country. I enjoy movies that breath class, take time to tell the story, and are a little off beat. I saw this movie by accident, and from the get go I was glued to the screen.

Only after watching the movie I learned what a relief this must have been for Cuba Gooding Jr.! I hadn't seen movies with him in it for quite some time, so I was surprised to read all the fails he had produced. And there are a lot! This movie however, is a gem easily overlooked. The overall score of 6.1 is too low in my opinion. It is well written, directed and acted by all members of this great little enterprise.

Cuba plays Joshua, the right hand man of a local gangster Vincent, played by Ferrer, who is excellent by the way! But Cuba is more intriguing, darker and with his dark sharp edged face (Cuba?! Yes, like I said, amazing performance!) he tells the story of a man who knows his place in the world, accepts the circumstances he works in and the resulting violence this automatically brings with it.

He knows no mercy, is tough, street smart and loyal to his boss. During the movie you feel the fragility of Vincent when Joshua tells him he wants out. You feel and see the guard dog quality of Joshua that gives strength to his boss, who collapses when he finds out that Nino (big ass gangster played by Keitel, who is on automatic pilot IMO)had his wife killed after Vincent refused to play by his rules. Joshua turns 180 on his wish to leave and helps his boss to get even.

It sounds like a simple gangster flick, but the way the story is told, slow paced but never boring, the shoot outs and killings that somehow feel more real than I have ever seen (although I have no personal experience how it really does look like, thank God) make the movie so believable, so intense and so overwhelming, that I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time.

It is a gritty movie, real and in your face at a pace that gives you time to take it all in. Go rent this movie, it is well worth it! This is a movie that begins by spoiling the movie and then going back in time like so many movies have done before. There are so many movie clich辿s in this flick you could make a drinking game out if it. The characters' actions do not make any sense and neither does the ending. If I hear the scorpion crossing the river story in another movie, I am going to freak out. It is up there with "We are the same.. you and I!" The dialog is really badly written, and the characters' motivations get jumbled up so often, the characters make no sense. This supposedly HUGE powerful crime boss brings a small timer into his home (why?), gets insulted and then just lets him leave (why?). Then kills the small timer's wife and then remains at that very house. Then has next to no protection on his home, a house he showed him how to get to. Characters bust out knives when it is convenient for the plot. This generic hole filled plot was really bad and the action scenes were pretty generic too. People casually chatting back and forth while gunfighting, senseless character actions, implausible circumstances over and over again. I tend to turn my brain off for action movies, but this one was beyond brain dead. It was like the script was written by a 12 year old with no editing. Many scenes had a "come on, that is ridiculous" moment. If it was cheesy and campy, it may have come off, but this movie took itself seriously.


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Attack On Titan Full Movie Hindi Download


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In a world where giant humanoid Titans prey on humans, Eren joins the scouting legion to get revenge on the monsters who killed everyone in his town.

Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF

original title: Attack on Titan

genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Horror,Sci-Fi


imdb: 4.8

duration: 1h 38min



keywords: titan, giant, maneatinggiant, twoparts, gianthumanoid, humanoidmonster, gigantichumanoid, traitor, gore, blood, violence, mutation, basedoncartoon, basedoncomicbook, sequel, firstpart, postapocalypse,

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After years living in fear, humanity protect themselves with huge walls to protect themselves from the Titans, giant humanoids that feeds on humans. When suddenly a huge Titan breaches the wall allowing a horde of Titans enters the city and attack them. A boy named Eren decided to save his city and wipe out the Titan race For the past 100 years, mankind has been living peacefully behind giant walls that protect them from the Titans. One day, a super huge Titan breaches the wall, lets inside a horde of Titans who killed everyone including Eren's girlfriend, and forces Eren to retreat to the inner walls. Feeling vengeful, Eren joins the scouting legion in order to wipe all Titans from the world. When I first heard that this movie was in production I was both pessimistic and intrigued. The premise of the television series interested me but could not gather my interest even after watching half a dozen episodes. Still, perhaps it could be made into something exceptional for the big screen? It could not.

I did not know the characters in-depth prior to watching the movie so their alteration from the TV series did not bother me. It was the -TERRIBLE- acting that did. If they spent more than an afternoon casting this film then they wasted their time. I can't think of a worse acted film and I've seen some bad ones. And the lack of theatrical talent was exposed when the characters attempted to explain their complexity of character through terribly drawn out and over-exposed scenes. I'm not Japanese so perhaps there is a cultural step that I'm missing? Because I really disliked 90% of the characters immediately... and it only got worse as it went along.

The reason it got 4stars and not 1 was they actually did an excellent job with the titans! The disturbing looking, lumbering monstrosities were exceptionally frightening. Their portrayal was the saving grace of the film but... I was still looking at my watch midway through and grumbling about how there was 40 minutes left in the film. My mind began filling with things I'd rather be doing... mowing the lawn, getting dental surgery, listening to my girlfriend complain.

Maybe hardcore fans of the AoT series will love it... but I won't suggest it to anyone except by saying, "Wanna see one of the worst films I've ever witnessed?" Oh... 5.5 is too low dude (on 23/8/2015) . I think its deserve around 6-7 star but what can I do. People's expectation is too high. From my honest opinion, I like this movie very much. The reason is I've seen a lot of manga adaptation (mostly a shojo one) and the problem is they just like a photocopy from the manga. Maybe fans don't like the change but its totally necessary. You know, a lot of thing happen in manga and its anime so I bet it will cost around 10 hour to showing everything so why not just make it simple and focus on the main plot and that's what they just did. All actor did their best even though I find some of them looks awkward but this is surely a hard movie to make. Maybe people keep complain about the cheap CGI but its OK, its still watchable. For fans, its a little different from the original but its still great to enjoy and for those who never heard Attack On Titan for their whole life, get ready for some excitement. By the way, its an awesome adaptation from Japan so far. Thank you Shinji Higuchi for not disappointing some of us!


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original title: Urduja

genge: Action,Comedy,Musical,Romance,War



duration: 1h 40min



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I am not a cartoonist, nor an animator, nor a general 2D person. Professionally speaking, I avoid projects that require animation and movement. I hate it and I hate the technicalities involved with it.

Now Urduja is a good try, considering the various factors that dictate that everything else that could make it so much MUCH worse.

I would want to tell you the plot of the movie (probably spoil it too because I'd want to save you from ever watching it... too mean. Forget what I said), but there were too many subplots that within half of the movie you ask, "What's the story about again?" True story.

The plot in itself is simple, but layers upon unnecessary layers of plot-fat, the premise (and the focus) of the movie invariably gets lost in translation. With the plot-fat comes, as a lack of a better word, plot holes that render succeeding scenes WTF-able, watch it and you will see, don't watch it and save yourself some time.

The animation is good. In the beginning. You see a highly photographic-like atmosphere in the introduction of the movie, but as you continue on (more like struggle to) the middle, 3D becomes more apparent, textures become less obvious until ultimately, it's just flat cartoon, with no hint of the previous standard set earlier in the same movie.

The one thing I noticed just watching the trailer was the fact that there are no ambient light to reflect on the characters. There were no changes in the colors when they move environments, night scenes, day scenes, flying through the air scenes were all of the same lighting, except for the underwater scene (KUDOS! plus points).

There were no varying shadows and highlights whenever the characters move. As a matter of fact the shadow Urduja has was the one below her chin to show a bit of dimension. The most detailed shadows of any of the characters were the badjaos. Racism is also hinted within the dialogue.

Glitches are apparent, for example, having two right hands of the same character appearing on the same frame, I think they forgot to tween it or something.

The camera panning was exhausting. It pans too fast too soon even when the dialogue dictates that "ang ganda ng tanawin!" WHAT SCENERY?! it was too fast to appreciate! There were also inconsistencies with the actual character animation. Some scenes lacked frames, making the animation choppy, even rushed. Some scenes were extremely detailed, especially the close up talking scenes. The attempted slow motion scenes were a failure, instead of it being slow motion, it just feels choppy and incomplete.

Plus points for the extremely detailed monologue scenes though.

I'm not even going into the animation of the song and dance numbers.

Audio is relatively okay. It gives of the dubbed soap opera audio feel. The dialogue was "in-your-face" direct but still inconsistent. At least it was clean.

There were not much ambient sounds to realize the scenes comprehensively. You hear nuances, but rarely. Ocean breeze, or waves crashing? barely. Birds chirping? When there were birds around. Even the rustling of the trees when they were fighting in the jungle was missing.

The script? O no. no no. no. no. no no. The story is initially focused on the main character Urduja (Regine Velasquez), but as the non-story progresses, Lim Hang (Cesar Montano) becomes the de facto lead. Even then, both characters fail to spark an interest. Comedy relief characters such as Mayumi (Ruby Rodriguez), Daisuke (Epi Quizon), and the Disney-archetype talking animals (Allan K. and Michael V.) were far more interesting.

Historically, The story was painful and lacked research. It lacks the depth of primitive Philippine culture. Textiles within the Philippines, if not imported from China, was mostly dark reds and browns (as far as i remember from Philippine Art History) Not blue or green.

I do understand the need of plain clothes as the animation process is extremely hard. Textiles in the Philippines tell a story. It's like the Grecian vases but with cloth. This makes Urduja a failure as a culturally relevant movie.

Without the Filipino voices, there would barely enough visual evidence to suggest that the movie was pre-hispanic Filipino era. It could have been easily some other indigenous tribe anywhere in the world.

What irkes me is the semi-frequent use of the English language in a pre-colonial Filipino culture. Considering that only the comedic relief characters were the only ones talking the wrong language, but the already lost Filipino hint fades completely even for a second.

So what's left as purely good with the movie? Well... They give the succeeding Filipino films an extremely big room for improvement. Urduja (2008) has decent art, music and voice actors. Some of the characters are quite beautiful and all of the characters are differently colored; noticeable as it is obvious that each characters have different levels of sun burns and skin pigment which is great. The music and performances have a hint of traditional Filipino culture with some foreign elements such as the Chinese and Japanese as well, though the whole animated feature is just a fictional depiction of the Pangasinan warrior princess, Urduja.

Then, although I do not understand Tagalog, the Filipino language; the plot seems to be average. I could tell that the main characters fall in love with each other pretty fast even though there are not much between them. I could be wrong though since I do not understand most words expressed by them but as Urduja (2008) progresses, I came to realise that it is a super fast moving animated feature. I thought less than a week has passed but in actuality, it might be a year or two seeing how fast things changes and moved on. There are also plenty of scenes which made me ask a lot of whys but overall, I guess it is okay as a family film as it can be fun sometimes although there are some frightening action and violence going on.

Another note, I do understand that English is the other official language in Philippines today but the characters especially the talking animals occasionally used some English words in some of the scenes which is not so great. I guess they used modern Tagalog but I find it quite annoying because the whole thing feels not so classic anymore after they mix some English in.

My verdict? Maybe some of you will enjoy watching this. As for me, despite it is fun being able to watch a Filipino production, Urduja (2008) is quite disappointing and frustrating to me. I started off quite excited to watch this one

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The Stray 720p

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Two new contenders come to town in anticipation of the coming tournament. Blake and Weiss clash over prejudices concerning the faunus, which leads to Blake revealing her dark past.

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original title: The Stray

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Aldo, the criminal, is mysteriously murdered. Later that night Teito can't sleep so he goes for a walk. He ends up stopping by a picture of a woman holding a baby. Then he gets a flashback ...

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Nash is reunited with an old familiar friend who is involved with gangsters out of Miami. They kidnap Nash in order to get a federal witness released from protective custody. Dominguez gets audited by

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